Spanish anti-trust authority fines recovered paper dealers

24 Nov 2014 − The Spanish competition authority CNMC fined 13 recovered paper merchants and the national waste and recycling association UDER a total of €3.8m for anti-trust violations in mid-November.» more


The recycling of paper-based release liners is garnering increasing attention

20 Nov 2014 − Approximately 300,000 t of paper release liner, also known as glassine paper, are consumed in Europe each year. However, one third of this paper could be sent for recycling once the labels are dispensed.» more

BCME: numer of filled beverage cans in Europe rise yet again on the previous year

17 Nov 2014 − European beverage can producers concluded 2013 with a slight increase of fillings on the previous year. According to BCME over 61bn cans were filled in Europe in 2013 - that is a 2.8% rise on 2012.» more

German commodity plastics market:
Demand slackens towards the end of October

13 Nov 2014 − The market for standard commodity plastics presented a rather balanced picture in October. EUWID research showed prices have hardly altered amid unchanged contract quotes for the relevant upstream products.» more