German commodity plastics market:
Demand picks up markedly in February

05 Mar 2015 − In February, all standard commodity plastics witnessed further mark-downs but most fell short of the drops registered for the upstream product contract, enabling suppliers to improve margins.» more


British aerosol packaging market:
Suppliers with different takes on 2014

02 Mar 2015 − Suppliers of aerosol cans in Britain gave varied statements regarding last year’s market developments. Some respondents boasted excellent business which suggested that the figures would outstrip those of 2013.» more

German coreboard market:
Competition intensifies on the cores market

26 Feb 2015 − Manufacturers of coreboard report a normal start to the new business year in Germany. Demand in the first weeks of the year is quieter than at the beginning of 2014.» more

German PET market:
Prices continue

23 Feb 2015 − Healthy availability and yielding prices currently set the tone for the European PET market. After Belgium, a new production line has started up in Turkey now, too.» more