Printing Inks Ordinance draft now in Brussels’ notification procedure

21 Jul 2016 − The German Printing Inks Ordinance (“21st Ordinance amending the German Consumer Goods Ordinance”), which has been debated and tweaked for years, was finally notified to the European Commission at the beginning of July. » more

The German PET market:
Industry hoping for speedy upturn in the wake of cool weather

18 Jul 2016 − Supply and demand are considered balanced for European PET. As EUWID research discovered in early July, both contract and spot volumes are more readily available again. » more

UK’s EU referendum sends European paper producers and converters on uncertain journey

14 Jul 2016 − Now that the initial shock has passed, uncertainty is rife about what impact UK’s exit from the European Union will have upon European paper manufacturers and converters in the packaging and printing industries. » more