The German polyamide market:
Abundant supply send prices tumbling in autumn

27 Nov 2015 − The market for PA 6 for packaging applications is currently characterised by excess supply and falling prices. Demand was solid during September and October and November had started well, too.» more


The British recycled containerboard market:
Stronger pound Sterling leaving its mark

25 Nov 2015 − Some recycled corrugated case material manufacturers were experiencing lower-thanexpected order intake in the UK in November. „We are a little below the planned quantities in autumn,” sources remarked.» more

The German tinplate packaging market:
Tinplate price negotiations still underway

23 Nov 2015 − In mid-November most of the suppliers of tinplate packaging and caps interviewed by EUWID were still negotiating pricing for 2016 with the tinplate industry.» more

Slight decline in the global market for aluminium aerosol cans in first half of 2015

20 Nov 2015 − Following years of continuous growth during which the production figures for the aerosol can industry raced from one record to the next, the market has now finally taken a pause for breath. » more