German waste plastics market:
recyclers facing an even more challenging environment

18 Dec 2014 − Plastics recyclers are facing an even more challenging environment in Germany as the year draws to a close. While prices for post-production waste plastics were roughly stable, primary plastics have fallen.» more


German PET market:
European prices continue to yield in October and November

11 Dec 2014 − European PET is abundantly available thanks to new capacities, say converters. Some market participants speak of excess supply which various producers are trying to counter by reducing their output.» more

German polyamide market:
Abundant supply of PA 6 leads to falling prices

04 Dec 2014 − Supply of PA 6 for packaging applications exceeds demand. Producers complained that competitors were “throwing volumes on the market at dumping prices.” Converters had no difficulties with availability at all.» more