German cabinet looks set to adopt packaging law in October

23 Aug 2016 − The German Federal Environment Ministry officially sent out the draft packaging law on 10 August 2016. » more


Europe’s glass industry on growth track in 2015

15 Aug 2016 − In the 2015 business year production volume of the glass industry in the European Union rose to 35m t.» more

The German corrugated board market:
Companies report good capacity utilisation

11 Aug 2016 − The German corrugated board market remained consistently strong after six months of the year. The growth in sales between January and June was not “overwhelming” at about one per cent, insiders said.» more

The Polish kraftliner market:
Producers of brown kraftliner report first successes in price round

09 Aug 2016 − Suppliers of unbleached kraftliner generally started implementing their announced price increase in July in Poland. Although no clear picture had yet emerged as of the end of July, all signs are pointing to an upward...» more