Polyamide suppliers want to pass on higher upstream product costs

28 Aug 2014 − Converters of PA 6 for packaging applications are well supplied with resins. Individual suppliers might be witnessing minor bottlenecks, but on the whole the market is balanced.» more


German coreboard business unusually bustling

25 Aug 2014 − Coreboard manufacturers active on the German market are reporting unusually strong business at the start of August.» more

Low volumes and cool demand for ordinary recovered paper grades in Great Britain

21 Aug 2014 − As expected, recovered paper collection volumes have decreased in the UK in July, sometimes even very sharply.» more

History repeating? Price hike for recycled corrugated case material announced for August in Poland

18 Aug 2014 − This story seems somehow familiar: All of the key producers of recycled corrugated case material in Continental Europe announced a price hike for deliveries from 1 August.» more