The German label paper market:
Prices stay the same despite good order books

26 Aug 2015 − Label paper manufacturers are reporting very good order books at the end of July. There were no signs of the summer lull that often emerged starting in August in years past,» more


The German tinplate packaging market:
Summer lull only noticeable in a few segments

24 Aug 2015 − Compared to EUWID’s last market research in May the German market for tinplate packaging exhibited little change for the period end July to beginning of August.» more

The German waste plastics market:
Prices stable or pointing downwards in July

21 Aug 2015 − While demand for waste plastics in Germany was fairly healthy in July, exports to southern Europe and France as usual show the impact of the holiday season. Demand from China also appears to be weakening.» more

The Polish recycled corrugated case material market:
Tight market leads to higher prices

19 Aug 2015 − Suppliers of recycled corrugated case material hiked prices by €40/t in Poland in July and have tabled a demand for another €30/t in August.» more