Brisk beverage can demand in northern Europe

18 Sep 2014 − At the beginning of September suppliers of aluminium packaging describe business over the past months as - on the whole - positive. » more


Recycled corrugated case material prices rise in France

15 Sep 2014 − The French brown recycled corrugated case material market completed a u-turn on the price front in August and is seeing the first price increases.» more

Proprietary glass bottle design to strengthen mineral water brand identity

11 Sep 2014 − In Germany, as a rule mineral water lacks brand identity and customer loyalty. Consumers rarely have a favourite brand, they merely refer to "water". Individual glass bottles could change this situation.» more

German tinplate packaging producers on the whole satisfied with second quarter

08 Sep 2014 − “We’re all doing rather well.“ This statement made by a packaging supplier could stand for all individual market segments in the tinplate sector.» more