SPP conference: post-consumer waste separation in Poland still in its infancy

31 Jul 2014 − Barely a year after the introduction of Poland’s "waste management revolution”, experts see an urgent need to rework the system rather than the hoped for advances in packaging waste collection and recycling.» more


High demand for pulp-based packaging paper in Germany

28 Jul 2014 − Manufacturers of kraft and sulfite packaging paper are reporting exceptionally brisk demand in Germany at the end of the first half of 2014.» more

July starts with brisk demand and high operating rates on the German PET market

24 Jul 2014 − PET suppliers are looking back on a very successful month of June. July also commenced with brisk demand and high operating rates.» more

Do Chinese packaging suppliers meet quality, quantity and supply conditions?

21 Jul 2014 − Brand owners select their packaging suppliers globally and increasingly in China. EUWID tries to point out in this article what customers should consider when buying packaging materials from the Far East.» more