Growing global demand for flexible packaging

30 Jul 2015 − Stabilising demand in France, Italy and Spain and a sharply slowing Russian market and decline in Ukraine are some of the principal factors behind the current situation on Europe’s flexible packaging market.» more


Italian corrugated board sector shows 2% growth in 2014, reports GIFCO

27 Jul 2015 − Italy’s producers of corrugated board and corrugated board packaging that are represented by Gruppo Italiano Fabbricanti Cartone Ondulato (GIFCO) regard their past financial year as a good one.» more

Aerosol containers made of plastic: serious competition for metal cans?

23 Jul 2015 − They still have a rather negligible market share but already they are being observed closely by the metal packaging industry with some even perceiving them as a rising threat: aerosol cans made of PET.» more

The German kraftliner market:
Manufacturers of brown kraftliner pushing for renewed hikes

22 Jul 2015 − Despite long lead times for new brown kraftliner prices – i.e. from May in isolated cases, contracts in June and agreements starting on 1 July – higher prices are gradually finding traction on the market.» more