Netherlands to ban free plastic bags at the check-out

26 Mar 2015 − The Dutch government plans to end the free distribution of lightweight plastic bags at the point of sale by 1 January of next year. The ban is imposed as a ministerial regulation.» more


Brisk deliveries of glass packaging in 2014, water and beer were the big winners

23 Mar 2015 − Germany’s container glass industry concluded the 2014 business year with gains. Deliverie increased by 2.8% across all segments. Domestic growth was particularly brisk with a plus of 2.7% on the previous year.» more

British beverage cans market:
climatic conditions boost volumes yet again

19 Mar 2015 − Listening to the British beverage can federation The Can Makers, one could get the impression the UK is a country with extreme climatic conditions.» more

German aluminium packaging market:
Possible takeover of Rexam stuns industry

16 Mar 2015 − For the past few weeks the market for aluminium packaging has known but one topic: The February takeover bid by the US Ball Corporation for the British beverage can supplier Rexam.» more