The Polish corrugated board market

16 Apr 2014 − The upbeat mood of Polish players in the corrugated board and corrugated packaging market has dulled in the course of the first quarter. For many companies » more


The German steel sheet packaging market

14 Apr 2014 − Many of the suppliers of steel sheet packaging interviewed by EUWID can look back on rather stable developments in terms of volumes and profitability for 2013. Occasionally » more

The German commodity plastics market

07 Apr 2014 − In March the market for standard commodity plastics is largely balanced. There are signs that the supply of products such as LDPE, LLDPE and PP copolymer is shrinking. » more

The German PET market

07 Apr 2014 − The brisk demand for PET already noticeable at the beginning of the year has continued and even increased, according to suppliers.» more