The German plastic packaging market:
Supply security a major concern

08 Feb 2016 − Currently producers of plastic packaging do not have any acute supply shortages of raw materials. Nonetheless some industry representatives have lost trust in suppliers after the extreme shortages last year.» more


The British recovered paper market:
Corrugated board suppliers hope for lower recycled paper prices in February

05 Feb 2016 − Demand for corrugated board products and corrugated case material was fair to middling in the UK at the start to middle of January. A few packaging suppliers reported it had been weaker than normal so far.» more

The German commodity plastics market:
Lower quotes amid cautious demand

04 Feb 2016 − Following the customary late start in January, demand for standard commodity plastics picked up briefly before tailing off again in the third week. This was owed to converters putting on the brakes.» more

The French kraftliner market:
Brown and white kraftliner under pressure

01 Feb 2016 − Brown kraftliner prices changed in France. Prices for deliveries from January onwards had decreased across the board in a move that started in December.» more