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The German aluminium packaging market:

beverage can industry producing at full speed

In the market for beverage cans, all the manufacturers interviewed by EUWID were still facing high demand and fully utilised lines in mid-April. While the balance sheet of the producers of aluminium tubes for the first quarter was... more


German corrugated board producers sound

the alarm for excessive cost pressure

Germany’s corrugated board industry has been in the clutches of high cost pressure for months now, and there is no end to this development in sight. The producers organised in the VDW, the association of the German corrugated board... more

The German paper and board market: many

paper and cartonboard prices rise in April

Brown kraftliner remains in scarce supply in Europe. The €50/t markup that producers are eyeing seems to have taken full effect across the board. Recycled corrugated case material prices are also consistently climbing. The... more

EUWID Price Watch Label Paper Germany

First quarter 2021


EUWID Price Watch Envelope and Shipping Bag Paper Germany

First quarter 2021


Recovered Paper Germany


Austrian corrugated board industry reports

receding sales despite higher deliveries in 2020

Austria’s corrugated board industry remained "stable and robust" last year through the Covid-19 pandemic, reports industry association Forum Wellpappe Austria. The industry is benefiting from growing environmental awareness of... more

The British paper and board market: further

price increases for cartonboard and CCM

Owing to weaker demand from Asia and Europe, the upward trend for ordinary grades of recovered paper has slowed. Another contributing factor was the blockage of the Suez Canal. German paper producers continue to be a significant driver... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board UK

April 2021


The French paper and board market: higher

costs force producers to take action on prices

It is primarily the rapid and steep rise in the cost of recovered paper and pulp which is prompting producers to ask for higher prices in the main markets of packaging paper. In the corrugated case material segment, producers selling to... more

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