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The German aluminium packaging market:

trend towards beverage cans continues

(D) – The issues of sustainability and replacing plastic packaging with alternatives e.g. made of aluminium were key topics of conversation among the suppliers of tubes, aerosols and aluminium beverage cans at the beginning of... more


The German polyamide market: PA 6

prices yield in October and November

(D) – Polyamide for packaging applications was readily available in the middle of November, according to film suppliers. As EUWID discovered, some producers had issues in securing the required upstream products. PA 6 manufacturers... more

EUWID Price Watch Polyamide Germany

November 2018


EU member states agree on negotiation

position for single-use plastics trilogue

(EU) – The trilogue negotiations between the EU Parliament and Council on the proposed Directive on single-use plastics started as planned on 6 November. The ambassadors of the member states to the EU agreed a position for the upcoming... more

The German pallet market: demand slightly

slower again since beginning of the quarter

(D) – Since demand for flat pallets in the first three quarters of 2018 has been described as overheated at times business activity has calmed down again to some extent during the course of the fourth quarter. According to information... more

EUWID Price Watch

Flat Wooden Pallets Germany


EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board UK

November 2018


The British paper and board market:

Brexit bolstering recycled CCM prices

(UK) – With Brexit looming large, the UK’s exit from the EU is playing an increasingly important role in price negotiations in several segments of the British market. British corrugated case material converters want to set... more

The German paper and board market: price

stability of corrugated case material uncertain

(D) – Demand for corrugated board had returned to normal and this was leaving its mark on paper too, especially for brown kraftliner. It thus remains unclear whether higher prices have been or are actually being implemented for... more

Recovered Paper Germany


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