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Tinplate packaging market Germany:

industry faced with demand for higher prices

The majority of packaging and closure manufacturers quizzed by EUWID were satisfied how volumes developed in the third quarter. As in the second quarter, demand for cans for soups and convenience food, for example, or for DIY... more


The French paper and board market:

RCP prices edge higher again in November

Insiders active on France’s paper markets feel that stricter measures put in place again in France to combat the coronavirus from the start of November onwards are not as radical as in the spring. That being said, they are... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board France

November 2020


PTS study confirms recyclability of coated board

and packaging in recovered paper stream

Folding cartons from the recovered paper waste stream are recyclable, confirms a recent study conducted by Germany’s Paper Technology Foundation (PTS) on behalf of the association of German folding carton producers (FFI). With this study,... more

The German paper and board market:

strong demand lifts RCCM prices even higher

There is strong demand for corrugated case material. Manufacturers have unveiled plans to tack on up to €50/t. The outcome was not clear yet in the final week of October, but higher prices are thought to be on the horizon. After... more

Recovered Paper Germany


China’s import licenses reach nearly 7 million t in 2020

In mid-October, the China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Centre of the Chinese environment ministry issued a new round of licenses allowing roughly 95,000 t of recovered paper to be imported into China. This brings the total volume of... more

Corepla fined by Italian competition authority AGCM

The Italian competition authority AGCM has fined the Milan-based consortium for plastics recycling Corepla under cartel law. AGCM imposed a fine of €27m for the abusal of a dominant market position in the recovery of PET packaging. The... more

Ingede symposium demands harmonised

solutions for packaging and recycling in Europe

On the occasion of the Ingede autumn symposium held at the beginning of October, experts discussed about the possibilities of replacing plastics with other packaging materials, the preconditions that need to be fulfilled to ensure good... more

Information on recycled content hardly

practicable or sensible for glass packaging

In a position paper published in October, FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation, responded to customers' rising demands for information on the recycled content of glass packaging. The Brussels-based association said information on... more

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