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The German plastic packaging market:

brisk demand for films and pouches in July

(D) – The supply of raw materials is currently not a topic of discussion, according to producers of plastic packaging. However, longer delivery periods are reported for PET films from Italy due to the summer holidays. There are no major... more


Survey on the use of recycled plastics

(EU) – The association European Plastics Converters (EuPC) has launched a survey of European plastic converters that will run until September 2017. The topic is their current and future use of recycled plastics. The findings are slated... more

The German commodity plastics market:

pressure on prices persists during July

(D) – The prices of all standard commodity plastics – except PS – dropped in July. The mark-downs were often more pronounced for LDPE and HDPE than for LLDPE. PP followed the course of propylene. The PS hikes range... more

EUWID Price Watch Commodity Plastics Germany

July 2017


EUWID Price Watch Label Paper Germany

Second quarter 2017


The German paper and board market:

label paper producers aiming at mark-ups

(D) – The supply situation for brown kraftliner remains tight and volumes are being allocated. Against this backdrop, there is little converters can do to resist producers’ demands. The market for recycled corrugated case... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Germany

July 2017


The French paper and board market:

new round of price talks for GD board

(F) – Echoing what is happening elsewhere in Europe, prices are rising in many parts of the French paper market in July. This started with recovered paper. Prices increased sharply especially for ordinary grades and were also up... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board France

July 2017


China notifies planned import ban for

24 kinds of waste to WTO Committee

(CN) – After months of rumour and speculation on a coming Chinese ban on imports of waste plastics and mixed paper grades, there was official confirmation on 18 July that China will forbid the import of 24 different kinds of waste by the... more

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