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The German polyamide market: brisk demand

amid firm prices in October and November

(D) – Polyamide 6 for packaging applications registered brisk demand over the past autumn weeks. As producers and converters told EUWID, supply and demand were currently largely balanced. Prices have yielded with various suppliers since... more


EUWID Price Watch Polyamide Germany

November 2017


The German PET market: increased

prices settle in October at August levels

(D) – The supply situation for PET buyers has eased a little in October thanks to the seasonal dip in demand. This means that supply and demand are currently balanced, according to EUWID research. Following a partly significant price hike... more

EUWID Price Watch PET Germany

October 2017


The German market for used disposable PET

bottles: supply situation continues to worsen

(D) – A scarcity of post-consumer PET bottles and strong demand for clear flakes, particularly from film manufacturers, were again shaping the German market in October. The supply of bottles fell again, as is typical at this time of year.... more

EUWID Price Watch Used Disposable PET Bottles Germany

October 2017


The German waste plastics market:

good sales volumes reported for PP waste

(D) – Waste plastic exports from Germany to the Far East have slowed to a trickle, causing prices for film scrap to fall again in October. Only residual volumes of higher quality film scrap were destined for China. Hardly any... more

EUWID Price Watch Waste Plastics Germany

October 2017


EU waste plastics exports to China

crumble in the first half of 2017

(EU) – The heavy reliance of the EU member states on China to import and process their waste plastics is made clear again by Eurostat’s recently released trading figures for the first half of 2017. More than 70 per cent of all... more

UK black plastics forum pledges to find solutions

(UK) – A special cross-industry working group on black plastics has been set up in the UK. The newly formed Black Plastic Packaging Recycling Forum has committed to find sustainable solutions for recycling all black plastic packaging... more

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