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The German aluminium packaging market:

retailers provide more space for beverage cans

Suppliers of tubes, beverage and aerosol cans made of aluminium interviewed by EUWID at the end of January gave a largely positive assessment of business in 2018. Across all product ranges manufacturers seemed to benefit from the... more


Polish packaging industry records strong

growth in 2018, according to PIO

2018 was a good year for the Polish packaging industry. According to the Polish Chamber of Packaging PIO (Polska Izba Opakowan), the volume of plastic, paper, board, glass and metal packaging produced last year rose by 6.5% on average. Domestic... more

The Polish paper and board market:

GC board prices are pointing higher

Poland’s paper, board and packaging market is split into two camps at the moment: While optimists fear no recession given good order books, others are starting off the new year in unsettled mood and think that 2019 may have... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Poland

January 2019


The German paper and board market: prices

for recycled containerboard continue to erode

In the brown kraftliner segment, both producers and converters are anticipating further price declines. There are varying reports about the developments on the market for semi-chemical fluting. In most cases, however, prices are said to... more

EUWID Price Watch Label Paper Germany



EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Germany

January 2019


Spain’s National Court revokes multimillion

antitrust fine in the corrugated products industry

Spain’s National Court (Audencia Nacional) has recently revoked a €57.7m cartel fine imposed in 2015 by the country’s market and competition watchdog CNMC (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia) on 18... more

Italy’s recovered paper exports to China will be

handled in future via CCIC Europe

In recent years, Italy has been one of the most important European suppliers of recovered paper for Chinese paper mills. Changes in the inspection regulations for recovered paper exports introduced by the Chinese government now make it more... more

PCD: trend reversal back to glass packaging

on the cards in the cosmetics industry

The cosmetics industry is not exempted from the ongoing bashing of plastics and plastic packaging. As EUWID discovered during the joint annual trade fairs ADF/PCD in Paris there is a recognisable trend within the cosmetics packaging... more

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