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The Polish paper and board market: demand

trend for GD board clearly pointing downwards

(PL) – Poland’s economic growth in the first quarter of this year beat all expectations. According to the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), the Polish economy grew by 5.2% in the first three months of the year.... more


EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Poland

May 2018


Corrugated board output in Spain crosses 5 bn sqm

(E) – Spain last year produced a total of 5.2 billion m² of corrugated board to cross the 5 billion threshold for the first time in the last ten years. Spanish industry association AFCO reports that output grew by 5% compared with... more

Growth for Austria’s corrugated board sector in 2017

(A) – The Austrian corrugated board industry benefitted from the good overall economic development within the country in 2017. The member companies of Forum Wellpappe Austria, an initiative of the Austrian corrugated board industry,... more

The German paper and board market: white

top kraftliner availability returning to normal

(D) – In May, virgin-fibre containerboard prices remained unchanged compared to April, and no change is expected for June. Availability for most grades on the market in Germany continues to be better, while the supply situation... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Germany

May 2018


The French paper and board market:

noticeable growth for GC board

(F) – Against the backdrop of lower availability, prices for ordinary grades of recovered paper began to bounce back in May. This weakens the argument presented by recycled board and packaging paper converters that the lower... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board France

May 2018


VDBF concerned about record paper prices

(D) – As a result of the significant price hikes for base papers in recent months, German envelope and shipping bag makers are feeling increasing cost pressure. The association of the German envelope industry (VDBF) announced that prices... more

Germany’s core industry increases sales

but faces exploding costs in 2017

(D) – German producers of paper cores for the paper, film and textile industries are very content with the development of their volumes in 2017. Volumes reached 260,000 t and were thus substantially higher than in 2016. According to the... more

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