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The German tinplate packaging market:

supply of upstream material causes concern

Manufacturers of tinplate packaging and closures were facing a dramatic shortage in the supply of the upstream material tinplate in the first quarter of 2021. "We are living hand-to-mouth and juggling our tinplate stocks back and... more


The German polyamide market: prices

are trending upward for PA 6 in January

Availability of PA 6 for packaging applications was considerably limited in January. The poor supply situation for the upstream products caprolactam and benzene due to maintenance work and unscheduled production stoppages had an impact on... more

EUWID Price Watch Polyamide Germany

January 2021


FPE members concerned about polymer

shortages: ‘test or use of market power’

European flexible packaging manufacturers expressed concern about the current shortages and price developments in the plastics market, according to Flexible Packaging Europe, Duesseldorf/Germany. The mouthpiece of the European flexible... more

Defra publishes Waste Management Plan for England

The British department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has published its Waste Management Plan for England 2021, including a section on measures to promote high quality recycling. Within this section is the news that Defra will... more

The Polish paper and board market:

most players coping with coronavirus crisis

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and the partial lockdown introduced by the Polish government in November have had less of an impact on the paper and board industry than was initially feared. The winners during this pandemic... more

EUWID Price Review Poland 2020


China imports almost 7 million t of RCP in 2020

Chinese paper mills went on one last buying spree for recovered paper in Europe just before the country‘s ban on importing solid waste took effect. Statistics from Chinese customs authorities indicate that the highest amount of recovered... more

The German paper and board market:

recycled CCM prices rise in February

On the brown kraftliner market sources reported that converters had even had to curb production in a few cases because of a paper shortage. Even though this would not have a positive impact on paper availability, producers have... more

Recovered Paper Germany


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