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The British paper and board market: RCP

sector fears a collapse in collection volumes

The hot topic in the British recovered paper market until mid-March was the scarcity of containers, which sent freight rates much higher. A main concern is the development of collection volumes. Businesses in the folding box and... more


EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board UK

March 2020


Associations demand free movement of goods

in food and pharma packaging value chain

Players in the European packaging sector want recognition as a "critical industry" in order to avoid government-imposed plant closures, which are currently occurring in some EU countries. Industries deemed to be "critical"... more

The German paper and board market:

coronavirus dominating conversations

In Germany, manufacturers have so far been unable to institute the mark-ups they wanted for brown kraftliner, although they now plan to implement higher prices across the board in April. Throughout the industry and following intense... more

Recovered Paper Germany

February 2020


Brexit and trade wars cause German corrugated

industry to fall short of 2019 growth target

The year 2019 was shaped by major uncertainty caused by Brexit and the trade wars instigated by the USA. Now, the coronavirus crisis is hitting the economy hard and the focus is on securing supply chains and thus ensuring that the population is... more

Emergency alliance of VDW member companies

The German corrugated industry is closing its ranks to combat the economic effects of the corona pandemic. Each of the member companies of the association of the German corrugated board industry (VDW) is a party to a so-called reciprocal... more

The German commodity plastics market:

demand from the packaging industry rising

The coronavirus pandemic had a varied impact on the market for standard commodity plastics in March. Demand from the packaging industry had for instance increased because converters wanted to build up more stock. However the lively... more

EUWID Price Watch Commodity Plastics Germany

March 2020


Demand for standard pallets in Germany

well above the usual seasonal level

According to information from German manufacturers of standard pallets, a very sharp rise in demand has occurred in the last few weeks. Both the number of enquiries and the volumes of pallets involved have last been considerably higher than the... more

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