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Aluminium packaging Germany: summer

season increases demand for aerosol cans

At the end of June, beverage can producers recorded brisk demand from all consumer markets. The plants were reportedly running at full capacity and no additional volumes were available. The production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical... more


The German polyamide market: brisk

demand for PA 6 for packaging applications

The market for PA 6 for packaging applications was characterised by particularly brisk demand in July. As in previous months, the strong demand continued to collide with low supply. The force majeure declaration issued by a polyamide... more

EUWID Price Watch Polyamide Germany

July 2021


The German pallet market: demand for

load carriers remains consistently high

Owing to a brisk pace of general economic activity at home and in export at the middle of the year, demand for load carriers remains consistently high in all recipient industries in Germany and its neighbouring countries. The majority of... more

EUWID Price Watch

Flat Wooden Pallets Germany


EUWID Price Watch Sack Kraft Paper Germany

Second quarter 2021


The German paper and board market:

compromise on mark-ups for RCCM

Prices of corrugated case material continue to spiral higher. Several hikes announced for August have been addressed, sources add. Buyers expect to have little manoeuvring room since brown kraftliner is in very short supply. Recycled... more

Recovered Paper Germany


The Polish paper and board market:

cartonboard sellers overstretched by demand

The recovery under way on the Polish paper and cartonboard market picked up the pace again in the second quarter. Quite a few sectors, such as packaging paper and corrugated board, started off the year with order books bursting at the... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Poland

Second quarter 2021


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