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The German paper and board market:

rising tensions in the cartonboard segment

Companies active in the German cartonboard business are navigating extremely turbulent waters. One recycled board manufacturer has entered administration at the very start of the new year, further compounding the shortage of... more


EUWID Price Watch Sack Kraft Paper Germany



EUWID Price Watch Germany Coreboard

December 2021


Recovered Paper Germany


CEPI and European industry associations call

for action against explosion in energy costs

Together with other energy-intensive industries, the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) is calling on EU leaders to take swift action against the exponential rise in energy prices. In recent months, energy prices have risen by a... more

The German waste plastics market:

more price increases on the horizon

Demand for waste plastics remained strong in Germany during the final month of 2021. "We could have sold much more than we did," one recycler remarked, describing what was a rather unusual situation for December. These are challenging... more

EUWID Price Watch Waste Plastics Germany

December 2021


F: new rules on packaging for fruit and vegetables

French legislation banning the use of plastic packaging for many types of fresh fruit and vegetables came into effect in France on 1 January 2022. Known as the Loi Anti-Gaspillage pour une Economie Circulaire, the legislation was unveiled last... more

The German used disposable PET bottles market:

prices high and supply tight in December

As expected, post-consumer PET bottles, flakes and regranulate became more expensive again in Germany in December. Market insiders were not expecting supply to improve on the extremely tight market any time soon. Demand for recyclates is coming... more

EUWID Price Watch Used Disposable PET Bottles Germany

December 2021


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