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The British paper and board market:

downward price pressure in many sectors

Many sectors of the paper and board market were encountering downward pressure on prices in the UK in June. The fall in brown corrugated case material prices slowed, although opinion is split about whether it has now been halted... more


EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board UK

June 2019


The German paper and board market:

envelope paper in high demand

Price erosion of brown kraftliner appears to have been arrested. The hike announced for 1 July sends a starting signal in this respect. Market sources further report rising demand. Prices of white-top kraftliner and semi-chemical... more

EUWID Price Watch Germany Coreboard

June 2019


EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Germany

June 2019


EUWID Price Watch Envelope and Shipping Bag Paper Germany

Second quarter 2019


The French paper and board market:

corrugated case material prices more stable

Following successive price cuts since the final quarter of 2018 and an announcement of a hike in July as a countermeasure, recycled containerboard prices remained stable in June month-on-month. Quoted prices on the market were often... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board France

June 2019


Indonesia introduces ISRI standard for RCP imports

After reversing course in spring, Indonesian authorities have now introduced more inspections and require compliance with quality standards for recovered paper imports.

Companies carrying out inspections in Europe told EUWID that 100%... more

The German commodity plastics market:

polystyrene price plummets in June

In June, demand was very soft for all commodities plastics with the exception of polystyrene. The larger economic slowdown was fuelling uncertainty in the market, with participants only buying the essentials. In addition, June is a... more

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