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The British aerosol packaging market:

Brexit uncertainty dampens the mood

At the end of February the British market for aerosol cans was characterised by uncertainty over the looming Brexit. While can suppliers reported that some of their customers wanted to prepare for all contingencies by stockpiling,... more


More aluminium aerosol cans produced in 2018

Some 8.14bn aluminium aerosol cans were manufactured worldwide last year compared to 8.09bn in 2017. According to the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (Aerobal) this means that the 8-billion-can mark was... more

US Can Manufacturers Institute rejects

quotas for steel and aluminium imports

The US Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) opposes the adopotion of quotas for aluminium and steel imports. In a letter dated 5 March, CMI President Robert Budway appealed to US President Donald Trump that no quotas be applied in future trade... more

Consultations open in the UK on packaging

EPR, a deposit return system and plastic tax

The British government has opened four consultations on key aspects of its planned over-haul of waste management legislation. Announced as part of the Resources and Waste Strategy for England last year, the headline measures now open for public... more

The German waste plastics market: plastics

recyclers plan further capacity expansions

(D) – Plastics recyclers in Germany were largely satisfied with their sales volumes in February. While prices for post-industrial film often rose considerably, other grades saw barely any changes. EUWID has learnt that some companies are... more

EUWID Price Watch Waste Plastics Germany

February 2019


The German market for used disposable PET

bottles: stable prices amid high demand

(D) – Demand remains strong for recyclate from post-consumer PET bottles in Germany. A record January was followed by a record February, say recyclers. And the market showed no signs of slowing last month. Numerous inquiries are coming... more

EUWID Price Watch Used Disposable PET Bottles Germany

February 2019


EUWID Price Watch

Flat Wooden Pallets Germany


The German pallet market: perceptible

reduction in prices for standard pallets

The already rather slack demand noticeable for standard pallets at the start of the year has persisted so far this year, even becoming a little more pronounced in some places. The uncertainty about the future development in the levels of... more

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