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EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board UK

December 2018



Growth rate on Germany’s corrugated

board market lower than expected in 2018

(D) – The German corrugated industry will probably report lower-than-expected growth rates, according to the industry association VDW. This announcement follows on the downward corrections to economic forecasts by most economic institutes... more

The French paper and board market:

pressure on corrugated case material prices

(F) – The trend reversal in the price of corrugated case material, which was first seen in November, consolidated in December despite relatively stable recovered paper prices. Lower prices are being called off for nearly all... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board France

December 2018


Worldwide recovered paper exports to China

might amount to 50% below 2017 level

(WW) – At the end of the first week of December, Chinese authorities had issued import licences covering a total volume of 18.39 million t of recovered paper (RCP) for 2018. However, data on RPC volumes arriving in Chinese ports suggest... more

EPRC reports slight increase in recycling rate for 2017

(EU) – The European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC) reported a recycling rate of 72.3% for 2017, up from 72% in the year before. Amid a challenging international context, the increased European paper recycling rate and the higher... more

ACE: EU beverage carton recycling rate hits 48%

(EU) – Europe’s beverage carton manufacturers report that the recycling rate for their products rose again in 2017, hitting 48%. According to the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE), that was an increase of 1... more

New packaging legislation to take effect in Germany

(D) – On 1 January 2019, new packaging legislation has become effective in Germany. The primary objective of the new German Packaging Act is to recycle more waste from private households and to increase current recycling rates. The law... more

The Polish paper and board market: demand

for brown kraftliner falling short of expectations

(PL) – Polish economic data for October ended up being stronger than expected and indicated that the economy continues to strengthen at a rapid pace in the fourth quarter. The Polish economy grew 5.1% in the third quarter compared... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Poland

November 2018


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