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The German paper and board market:

corrugated board prices under pressure

Kraftliner prices continued on their downward path in February, although it was unclear where prices would end up as the month drew to a close. Ongoing oversupply is putting further pressure on prices for recycled corrugated case... more


EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Germany

February 2019


PTS conference: "Printing ink regulation

must not disappear into a drawer again"

Now as before legislation is faltering when it comes to the planned ordinances on printing ink and mineral oil. While the draft of the printing ink regulation has at least made it to Brussels through the notification procedure, this... more

The French paper and board market:

minor price cuts for recovered paper

French corrugated case material prices continue to point lower in February. A series of price cuts that has emerged since November has continued for recycled grades and brown kraftliner. In all likelihood, this slump will have spread to... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board France

February 2019


The German paper and board market:

downward pressure on brown kraftliner prices

Although demand from the corrugated industry is still reportedly high, downward pressure on brown kraftliner prices has intensified. Buyers are negotiating further price reductions for February deliveries following cuts in January. On... more

Recovered Paper Germany


The British paper and board market:

recoverd paper prices still falling

Business was cooler in a few segments of Britain’s paper and board markets as the first quarter reached midway point. The corrugated case material market is displaying the usual seasonal dip in demand. Demand for recovered paper... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board UK

February 2019


The German tinplate packaging market:

producers are busy passing on higher costs

Passing on the rising tinplate prices and price hikes beyond the upstream material have been at the top of the agenda of the packaging and cap industry in mid-February. However, as this report was finalized there were only few completed... more

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