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The German paper and board market:

kraftliner prices in June mostly unchanged

In June, kraftliner prices in Germany remained mostly unchanged. Market respondents presume that the recent price increase announcement for July as well as technical downtime at a number of mills helped to stabilise prices. Prices of... more


Recovered Paper Germany


Grass paper: a small number of suppliers,

enormous interest and confusion about the facts

At present, 23 paper mills in Europe offer products made of between 30 per cent and 50 per cent of grass, which is used as a substitute for pulp or recovered paper. In comparison to the entire containerboard market, the current output of grass... more

Antitrust investigation on European market

for kraft paper and industrial sacks concluded

The European Commission has communicated the administrative closure of its investigation into the European market for kraft paper and industrial sacks, which began in 2016. The Commission conducted unannounced raids in 2016, 2017 and 2018 on... more

German paper sacks industry enjoys stable business

The results Germany’s paper sack industry achieved in its past financial year were almost at the same level as in the year before. According to the industry barometer of the German association of paper sack manufacturers (GemPSI), the... more

Food traces in RCP: groups call for re-interpretation

The European umbrella organisations representing the paper, waste management and recycling industries would like to see the interpretation of provisions on food and other organic material in the recovered paper standard EN 643 slightly... more

The German pallet market: stable production

coinciding with slight reduction in demand

The rather slack demand on the central European markets for flat wooden pallets in the early months of this year still exists at the end of June. From what manufacturers say, the sales volumes in the both the euro and chemical-pallet... more

EUWID Price Watch

Flat Wooden Pallets Germany


The French paper and board market:

recovered paper prices mostly stable

The downward spiral in corrugated case material prices persisted in May, too, with manufacturers hoping that prices will stabilise in June. Cartonboard is much less sought-after in France this year than it was in 2018 when demand was... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board France

May 2019


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