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EUWID Price Watch Commodity Plastics Germany

January 2020



The German polyamide market: demand for

PA 6 for packaging applications increases

The developments on the market for PA 6 for packaging applications received positive assessments across the board in January. While the month started sluggishly, business picked up markedly in the last two weeks of the month. The year commenced... more

EUWID Price Watch Polyamide Germany

January 2020


The German PET market: calm demand

and stable contract prices in December

In mid-January, business was comparatively calm among PET converters. The season was not set to start for several weeks and packaging producers were therefore well stocked with PET amid comparatively high availability. The sound... more

EUWID Price Watch PET Germany

December 2019


EUWID Price Watch Waste Plastics Germany

December 2019


The German waste plastics market: subdued outlook

Once again in December, there was a drop in the prices of waste plastics and the regranulate produced from them. While supplies were good, demand remained moderate, especially since primary plastics were still inexpensive and converters often... more

The German used disposable PET bottles

market: unchanged prices in December

PET recyclers in Germany experienced little in the way of change in the short working month of December. Supply became a challenge for companies with low stock levels that continued operating through the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s... more

EUWID Price Watch Used Disposable PET Bottles Germany

December 2019


"Plastic tax" in Italy: tug of war over

plastic packaging levy comes to an end

Single-use plastics for packaging applications are to be taxed at €0.45/kg in Italy in future. As was published in Italy’s official gazette (Gazetta Ufficiale) on 30 December 2019, the levy will take effect on 1 July 2020. Previously... more

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