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EUWID Price Watch Label Paper Germany

First quarter 2019



The German paper and board market:

brown kraftliner prices continue to slide

The downward spiral in brown kraftliner prices in Germany has not yet come to an end. On the contrary, it is actually intensifying. The downward trend in recycled corrugated case material prices did not ground to a halt in April. Some... more

Recovered Paper Germany


bvse: German RCP sector robust despite

import restrictions and slowing economy

Recovered paper processors in Germany feel they are well-positioned despite the effects of the Chinese import restrictions and the signs of an economic slowdown. The massive drop in China’s recovered paper imports was still... more

German corrugated board industry

still sees slight growth in 2018

The German corrugated board industry continued to grow in 2018, but growth fell considerably behind the anticipated rate of 3.9 per cent. Member companies of industry association VDW delivered nearly 8 billion m² in 2018, 43 million... more

Gulf states impose anti-dumping duties on

certain CCM grades from Spain and Poland

Member states of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC) – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – have imposed definitive anti-dumping duties on... more

Dutch government and companies sign pact

to reduce plastics and improve recycling

Dutch companies have entered a new "Plastic Pact" under which they commit to less plastic use and more plastic recycling. The agreement was signed on 21 February by 75 companies and environmental organisations as well as by the... more

VfV conference: harmonised European

regulations for paper/board remain desirable

Given that there is no harmonised legislation for paper and board in Europe players along the supply chain are still forced to improvise. On the occasion of the 27th VfV conference (VfV – Verein zur Förderung der Forschung... more

The Polish paper and board market:

price slide for all containerboard grades

When surveyed by EUWID, Polish paper and board producers as well as converting companies gave very mixed reports about the first quarter. Most packaging producers as well as suppliers of corrugated case material and cartonboard were... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Poland

March 2019


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