FAQs on copyright

FAQs provide answers to frequently asked questions. This is where EUWID gives practice-oriented answers on copyright issues, taking the legal position into consideration. If you have any further queries, please contact us on our hotline: +49 7224 9397-700 or by E-Mail: service(at)euwid.com

1. Questions on copyright

1. What is protected by copyright?
2. Does copyright protection only apply to contents when a copyright sign (©) is shown?
3. Does copyright protection also apply for the presentation of work in the Internet?

EUWID price tables
4. Are price tables from EUWID printed issues permitted to be scanned and distributed in digital form?
5. Are price tables permitted to be printed from the Premium section and passed on elsewhere within a company?
6. Are price tables from the Premium section permitted to be downloaded in digital form and circulated?

EUWID printed publications
7. Are whole EUWID printed issues permitted to be scanned and circulated in digital form?

8. Are whole issues of the EUWID E-Paper permitted to be printed out and circulated within a company?

Press review
9. Are contents from EUWID publications permitted to be incorporated into a company's own press review?

2. Notes on logging in

1. Do I need to go through a login procedure for the www.euwid-packaging.com websites?
2. What does the red padlock mean?
3. Where are the login boxes?
4. Check that you are on the right website.
5. What should I do when the message in the red box appears
6. I have forgotten my password
7. I have forgotten my user name
8. My login failed. This “big red box” appears.

3. I have a question about my subscription

1. How much does a subscription cost?
2. How can I pay?
3. Where can I view my subscriptions?
4. How can I cancel my subscription?
5. My address has changed

4. I have a question about my order

1. The registration form contains “Username” and “Password” boxes. Must I fill in these boxes even though I have ordered a subscription for the printed version?
2. Can I order other products during the ordering procedure?
3. Do I require my subscription number and/or my customer number to place an order?
4. I have a print subscription and would like online access as well (e.g. Markets & Archive)
5. Can I make my own changes to my delivery or invoice address?
6. Steps in the ordering procedure
7. Notification of user-account activation

5. Questions about the latest issue

1. Where can I find the latest issue at a glance?

6. Configuring browsers

1. The following system requirements are necessary trouble-free use of websites
2. Questions about cookies?
3. Configuring browser settings

7. I have a question for the editors

8. Questions to markets and archive

I cannot retrieve the tables in EUWID Packaging Markets - Markets