The British cartonboard market: Some suppliers want to pass on extra Brexit costs

"Uncertainty” was the word most commonly used by experts talking about the state of the British cartonboard market towards the middle of February.

This uncertainty remained primarily rooted in unresolved issues relating to Brexit. On the one hand, this situation was stimulating demand a little because a few market players were setting up reserve stocks. These purchases were only taking place to a limited degree since it was unclear whether this fairly costly step was really necessary.

Potential, unknown additional costs for merchants after 29 March were also putting the dampers on demand. A few European suppliers wanted to enter into contracts stipulating that British customers would have to shoulder all (unquantified) additional costs incurred after 29 March.

This is an excerpt from EUWID's monthly report on the British paper and board market. The EUWID Price Watch for January together with the complete report will be published in EUWID Packaging Markets 5/2019.
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