The British packaging paper market: Producers push back plans to raise kraftliner prices

Demand remains very lively on the corrugated case material market in the UK, but not quite as hectic as it was in the first half of the year.

Sources told EUWID that inventories are a little higher along the entire supply chain. Experts believe that many e-commerce businesses and end customers have started shopping for Christmas very early after many warnings of supply shortages. Demand has been spread out more as a result.

It seems that the UK returned from a goods to a service economy again, which also dampened demand a little. With hardly any pandemic-related restrictions left in place, many people were going to pubs, restaurants and events again rather than spending their money on goods. The more abundant supply of paper also meant that the situation was no longer as frenetic on the whole, insiders stated. Supply and demand had now reached a "fragile balance”, one insider told EUWID.

Manufacturers had pushed back plans to invoice more for brown and white-top kraftliner until 1 December against this backdrop.

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