The German corrugated board market: Companies report good capacity utilisation

The German corrugated board market remained consistently strong after six months of the year. The growth in sales between January and June was not “overwhelming” at about one per cent, insiders said.

Nevertheless, sales had been very high for years and companies were reporting good capacity utilisation. The German association VDW reported that second quarter had been a little weaker when adjusted for a difference in the number of work days and softened 0.7% compared with one year earlier, corresponding to an amount of 206,000 t.

The corrugated board industry’s average sales revenues fell again during the first six months of the year. Dwindling corrugated case material prices were the only factor helping to ease business a little in the first half of the year. Rising prices were now emerging again for virgin-fibre paper. Stabilising and improving corrugated board and packaging prices remained a priority for EUWID contacts, although companies continued to wonder how the industry could turn the tide in the opposite direction.

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