The German paper and board market: Hikes to cartonboard prices touch historic levels

For GC II, events of the current year will massively influence the coming year, both in terms of price hikes for contracted volumes as well as the contract durations, which have been drastically shortened.

While contract prices remained stable in 2021 and not all companies were affected by drastic increases, prices outside contracts were subject to increases. These hikes have now been factored into contract prices for 2022.

In the case of recycled board grades, prices were widely raised through the year to date but the increases have reportedly not been enough. Some increases have been made in December but in most cases, price hikes have been negotiated to take effect from the beginning of the year.

⇒ This is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the German paper and board market. The complete report together with the EUWID Price Watch for December will be published in EUWID Packaging Markets 1/2022.

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