The German PET market: Pricing for 2022 may factor in costs beyond those of raw materials

Prices for primary PET, spot volumes and rPET continue to rise.

Some PET producers are now trying to tack on mark-ups to existing contracts – whether they are declaring them as additional energy costs or justifying them with the increased costs for overseas containers and lorries, which have both been rising for months. Customers' reactions to the surcharges vary, ranging from unwillingness to pay more and threats of legal action to enforce existing contracts, to a certain understanding for the situation of suppliers.

Most EUWID respondents expect that in the coming year players take a step back from the established pricing formulas which linked the PET price only to the cost of the feedstock materials.

⇒ This is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the German PET market. The EUWID Price Watch PET for December together with the complete report will be published in EUWID Packaging Markets 25/2021.

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