The German tinplate packaging market: Start to 2022 marked by massive price hikes

Since January 1, 2022 manufacturers of tinplate packaging and closures have to pay more for their upstream material than ever before.

Contrary to last year's announcements, however, tinplate prices had in fact only increased by 100% for certain specifications and sheet gauges. Most EUWID respondents reported a minor increase for standard specifications. Respondents said they had faced "huge pressure in negotiations" with no alternative other than to accept the massive increase for the upstream material.

However, there was also a certain understanding for the tinplate suppliers' actions, as they were unable to pass on the steel costs, which had also increased significantly during the year, due to the annual contracts with the packaging industry. Supply of tinplate has eased somewhat in the first quarter of 2022, according to statements.

⇒ This is an excerpt from EUWID's quarterly report on the German tinplate packaging market. The complete article has been published in EUWID Packaging Markets 5/2022.

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