The Polish corrugated board market: Mixed start to the year for board and packaging industry

It was still proving difficult to make a clear assessment of the state of the Polish corrugated board market roughly five weeks into the New Year. Information provided by market players varied too much.

None of the companies talking to EUWID portrayed the start of the year as really slow, with sources more often characterising business as “mediocre” and “fair to middling” or “below our expectations”. Some sources had no cause for complaint and described business as decent in January. All in all, it looks as if the first impression of the New Year in 2015 was more favourable than now.

However, there is no cause for worry or exaggerated optimism, in the view of experts. The latter is primarily connected to uncertainty among large swaths of the population given the new political direction charted by the Polish Government, terror warnings in Europe and growing floods of refugees.

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