The Polish kraftliner market: Producers of brown kraftliner report first successes in price round

Suppliers of unbleached kraftliner generally started implementing their announced price increase in July in Poland. Although no clear picture had yet emerged as of the end of July, all signs are pointing to an upward trend.

As various market experts had predicted, the round was delayed by several weeks – only in isolated cases had the upward corrections been introduced in the second half of June. Most sales still took place with prices unchanged from May levels.

The average hike of €15-20 was below the target of €40/t. Talks with Polish corrugated board manufacturers revealed that, at least as of mid-July, it had been possible to further delay the increase in some cases. A few European suppliers had (so far) not attempted to raise prices at all, EUWID was told. Kraftliner from Russia rose less sharply and was only €10 more expensive, according to industry observers. Imports from the USA still do not play a major role in Poland.

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