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PTS study confirms recyclability of coated board and packaging in recovered paper stream

26 Nov 2020 − FFI is responding to the repeated criticism from various institutions and players regarding the recyclability of folding cartons. » more


The German cartonboard market:
No signs yet of panic-buying during second lockdown

20 Nov 2020 − In contrast to the first lockdown this spring, the current restrictions seem to be having much less of an effect on the German market for folding cartons and cartonboard. » more

The French cartonboard market:
Mixed comments about business in October

06 Nov 2020 − Demand for cartonboard has been positive in France looking at the year to date.» more

The Polish paper and board market:
Many segments are busier than elsewhere in Europe

26 Oct 2020 − Following the pandemic-related downturn in the second quarter, the Polish economy began a robust recovery in early summer» more