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The British packaging paper market:
Prices feeling the squeeze more and more

04 Sep 2020 − Prices are coming under mounting pressure in the UK amidst low recovered paper prices, the trend in prices in mainland Europe and new capacity» more


The French packaging paper market:
CCM prices under pressure

28 Aug 2020 − In the market for corrugated case material, the impact of the pandemic is palpable and demand for industrial packaging is weaker. » more

The German paper and board market:
Delivery declines for corrugated board

17 Aug 2020 − The corrugated board industry is now more intensely feeling the effects of the coronavirus crisis. » more

The British packaging paper market:
Corrugated board sector sees demand declining

08 May 2020 − The lack of demand from segments affected by the lockdown, especially industry and the automotive sector, is very noticeable, according to market experts.» more