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The Polish cartonboard market:
Demand for GD board worsens from month to month

08 Jun 2018 − Suppliers of virgin-fibre cartonboard were satisfied with demand in Poland in April and May.» more


The British cartonboard market:
Demand in May rather weak to disappointing

25 May 2018 − One reason for this is slower demand from end customers, which was also encountered by British merchants. » more

The German cartonboard market:
Discussions on higher prices continue

09 Nov 2017 − For GC insiders do not expect buyers and sellers to put pen to paper across the market before the end of November.» more

The French cartonboard market:
Price negotiations for GD board gathered pace in September

10 Oct 2017 − Suppliers wanted as much as €40/t and negotiations on the hike gathered pace in the middle of September.» more