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The German pallet market:
Perceptible increase in demand at the start of year

05 Feb 2021 − Some manufacturers’ lead times have already reached two weeks and more for new orders of special pallets.» more


The German pallet market:
Increasingly sluggish demand for new euro pallets

29 Jun 2020 − Demand for chemical pallets (CP) has remained well short of last year’s level for a number of weeks now. » more

The German pallet market:
Special effects fading away again

14 May 2020 − The sharp increase that occurred in demand for standard pallets from the middle to the end of March 2020 tailed off again during the course of April.» more

The German pallet market:
Standard pallet demand above the usual seasonal level

30 Mar 2020 − According to information from German manufacturers a very sharp rise in demand has occurred in the last few weeks.» more