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The German PET market:
Price trend reversal for virgin grade PET

10 Jun 2021 − In contrast, prices of food-grade recyclate were at a high level in May.» more


The German PET market:
March shaped by price hikes and availability of volumes

12 Apr 2021 − At the end of March, there were signs of further adjustments to contract volumes, with a simultaneous rise in prices for spot volumes and for food-grade recyclate.» more

The German PET market:
Prices drop back to September level after short upward trend

14 Dec 2020 − Coca-Cola's plans to secure access to deposit bottles meets mixed repsonse » more

The German PET market:
July prices with slight upturn after hitting rock bottom

14 Aug 2020 − The months of April and May saw a sharp drop in demand for PET bottles in Germany.» more