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Antitrust investigation on European market for kraft paper and industrial sacks concluded

31 May 2019 − The EC has communicated the administrative closure of its investigation which began in 2016. » more


The German sack kraft paper market:
Prices rose again in the first quarter

18 Apr 2019 − Prices increased again in the first three months, albeit not by producers’ original goal.» more

The German sack kraft paper market:
Boom in prices knows no bounds

21 Jan 2019 − Sack kraft paper prices in Germany continued to soar in the fourth quarter of 2018. » more

Global market for sack kraft paper and kraft paper still growing, but at a slower pace

22 Oct 2018 − British market research company Smithers Pira believes that the worldwide market will grow to around 21 million tonnes by 2023. » more