4evergreen alliance publishes first part of its Circularity by Design Guideline

Cross-industry initiative 4evergreen has published Part A of its Circularity by Design guideline, which was developed by 29 packaging design experts and reviewed by 114 industry leaders.

According to 4evergreen, the document constitutes a crucial step in building a circular future for fibre-based packaging. Reports indicate that the primary aim of the guideline is to examine the impact of different components of fibre-based packaging and how these affect the paper recycling processes. In this context the focus first lies on mills using the standard recycling process. Depending on the compatibility of different materials with the recycling process at such paper mills, the guideline is to provide clarity on the fact in which of the following categories a fibre-based packaging falls: "fully compatible with standard recycling process”, "conditionally recyclable with standard recycling process” or "not recyclable with standard recycling process”.

In addition, 4evergreen has announced the publication of further parts of its Circularity by Design guideline before the end of the current year. Their respective focus will be on the recyclability at deinking plants (Part B) and at plants having the necessary technical equipment to recycle fibre compounds and coated packaging (Part C – "specialised mills”).

⇒ This is an excerpt from a more comprehensive article to be published in EUWID Packaging Markets 8/2022

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