France cracks down on the circumvention of the ban on single-use EPS packaging

In addition to the ban on certain single-use plastic products made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) laid down in the AGEC law, France now wants to ban similar single-use plastic products made partly or entirely of extruded PS or made of expanded or extruded polypropylene (PP). This affects packaging that is intended for on-site or on-the-go consumption. The French Ministry of the Environment presented a draft of the decree to the EU Commission on 18 March.
According to the explanatory memorandum, the ban on food packaging made of expanded polystyrene for on-site or on-the-move consumption, as stipulated in the AGEC law of 10 February 2020, has led to the development of alternative plastic-free solutions. However, circumventions of the ban have also been observed, such as the use of different manufacturing processes that lead to similar products, i.e. extruded polystyrene instead of expanded PS. The ban is also circumvented by the use of other plastics, mainly polypropylene....

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