2017 was a record year for the British aerosol industry

17 May 2018 − 

More aerosols were manufactured in the UK last year than ever before, according to latest industry figures announced by the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) which revealed a record 1.562bn cans filled in 2017 compared to 1.505bn in the previous year. 

The personal care sector accounted for the largest volume of products (1.13bn aerosols filled). Anti-perspirants were the biggest seller in this sector and across the industry overall with BAMA data showing that 470m anti-perspirants were manufactured in 2017 – 13m more than the previous year, representing 3% growth. 

Patrick Heskins, BAMA chief executive, said: “This year’s filling figures are welcome news and proof that UK aerosol manufacturing is thriving. We believe the record numbers are thanks to a combination of organic growth across the aerosol industry and filling activity being moved from mainland Europe to the UK.”

Aluminium continued to be the packaging material of choice for most products, with 848.9m products filled. This was however a 2% drop on the previous year. As such, tinplate filling grew by 8% to 705.3m. The split between aluminium and tinplate was 55% and 45% respectively.


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