ECBA: Coreboard industry sees existential threat

15 Oct 2021 − 

The Association of European Coreboard producers (ECBA) has drawn public attention to the industry’s critical situation.

According to ECBA, despite the positive market development, the sector’s earnings situation has reached proportions that could threaten its very existence. Gas prices have quadrupled to more than €150/MWh, and the situation is similar for electricity, reports the association.

In Germany, the price of one megawatt hour was nearly €214 on 6 October 2021, the highest price in 13 years, says the ECBA. The average price of €68/MWh – as stated by the German Federal Network Agency – is clearly higher than the long-term average. The association reports that this tense situation can currently be seen all over Europe.

Coreboard producers have already announced price increases of up to €150/t. ECBA expects that producers of other paper grades will follow. In the meantime, a number of coreboard manufacturers have informed their customers of energy surcharges ranging between €100 and €150/t. These surcharges are likely to be imposed until energy and gas prices will have come down to a reasonable level.

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