The German flexible plastic packaging market:
Food and pet food sales drive demand

20 Sep 2021 − 

Despite good demand from the German market and export business for flexible plastic packaging in many cases, the balance sheet of manufacturers of plastic films and pouches was rather disappointing for the past eight months.

According to respondents, this was largely owed to the situation in raw material purchasing. Demand for flexible plastic packaging in the first half of the year was described as largely stable by most respondents. Demand for food packaging for the retail trade was the driving force here. One reason for this was that consumers had maintained their "pandemic lifestyle" and consumption habits, which meant that the food trade continued to profit, even if the "hoarding" had stopped. In addition to packaging for convenience products and coffee, some fresh produce groups as well as pet food were among the winners, according to EUWID respondents. 

This is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the German flexible plastic packaging market. The complete report is published in EUWID Packaging Markets 19/2021.

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