The German flexible plastic packaging market:
Scarcity of raw materials and price hikes in March

29 Mar 2021 − 

At the time this report was drafted (in mid-March), the two major issues in the market for plastic films and pouches were the supply of upstream products and the increased granulate prices for film production.

At the same time, industry insiders reported well-filled order books and good demand. The food trade in particular, but also the pet food sector, were developing well to very well.

The producers of plastic films and bags interviewed by EUWID also confirmed that the shortage of important plastics was a growing problem. As reported, the supply of plastic granulates was difficult, among other things due to numerous force majeure declarations by European raw material suppliers.

⇒ This is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the German flexible plastic packaging market. The complete report is published in EUWID Packaging Markets 6/2021.

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