The Polish cartonboard market:
GC board producers plan to charge more

18 Oct 2018 − 

All key European GC cartonboard manufacturers have informed their customers of plans to charge more from 1 November, often at or after an industry meeting held by the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) in Riga, Latvia on 20 September.

The entire sector is now pulling together after a smaller company had initially sent out a notification in summer and one of the market leaders also got involved in late August.

Buyers talking to EUWID were aware that paying more was inevitable given that cartonboard mills are not working at sufficient profit margins. Their suppliers had already prepared them for higher prices in recent weeks, they said.

This is an excerpt from EUWID's bimonthly report on the Polish paper and board market. The EUWID Price Watch for September together with the complete report were published in EUWID Pacakging Markets 21/2018.

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