Growth rate on Germany’s corrugated board market lower than expected

17 Jan 2019 − 

The German corrugated industry will probably report lower-than-expected growth rates for 2018, according to the industry association VDW.

This announcement follows on the downward corrections to economic forecasts by most economic institutes in Germany. Adjusted for the number of working days, deliveries are expected to be 0.5% higher for the corrugated board producers that make up the membership of VDW. This represents an increase of around 50 million m² compared to the previous year. However, at present, it seems that the fourth quarter will see a decline of 2.7%.

“We would thus be 3.4 percentage points below the 2018 results as forecast in December 2017”, said Dr Oliver Wolfrum, VDW’s managing director. However, gradual price increases for corrugated board products over the course of the year did not have anything to do with the slight demand dip in the second half, Wolfrum asserted.

For him, the reasons for this downward trend are obvious: “Brexit and international trade conflicts, as well as the current problems in the German automotive industry, were among the factors leading to a 17.6% drop in automobile exports in the third quarter of 2018.”

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