Italy expands investigation against alleged cartel in the corrugated board sector

18 Jan 2018 − 

In early December 2017 the Italian supervisory authority for competition and the market, expanded its antitrust probe against producers and suppliers of corrugated board and corrugated board packaging for having allegedly agreed on fixed prices and product quality.

The supervisory body reports that in the course of the probe, the investigators collected additional circumstantial evidence that hinted to a further nine companies having participated in the corrugated board and packaging cartel.

The investigation under cartel law bears the reference number I805 and was originally launched on 22 March 2017 upon a corresponding complaint from within the industry.

Italy is regarded as Europe’s second-largest market for corrugated board products after Germany. At 6.6 billion m2, the country accounted for 17% of Europe’s total production volume in the year 2016.


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