Italy’s corrugated board industry continues to increase production in 2017

27 Aug 2018 − 

The Italian corrugated board industry regards 2017 as a productive year.

After having already attained record figures in 2016, the Italian industry succeeded in further raising its output in the subsequent year. Gruppo Italiano Fabbricanti Cartone Ondulato (GIFCO) reports that the country’s corrugated board producing and converting companies manufactured a total of 6.76 billion m² of corrugated board products in 2017, which corresponded to a total weight of 3.79 million t.

This means the production of the Italian industry increased by 2.8%, or 1.9%, respectively, on last year’s figures. Compared to the figures recorded in 2014, the output rose by 6.5% in terms of volume and by 6.2% in terms of weight, according to GIFCO.

The association counted 70 corrugated board producers and 313 converting companies as members in 2017 and is thus the largest Italian association of corrugated board manufacturing and converting companies.

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