Poland: Position paper on the introduction of a deposit system for beverage packaging

12 Nov 2020 − 

The Polish industry body for waste management, Departament Gospodarki Odpadami (DGO) is examining the introduction of a deposit system for beverage packaging in Poland.

The DGO hosted an industry conference on the subject at the beginning of October. Shortly after environmental, plastics and recycling associations presented a joint position paper addressed to the DGO. This basically comprises seven key bullet points that need to be taken into account, according to the signatories.

First of all, a deposit system should contribute to the structural economic development in Poland and create conditions for the use of raw materials at a national level. Especially Polish companies should be able to benefit both from the establishment of new business models and from the increased supply of recycled materials on the market.

This is an excerpt from an article published in the latest edition of EUWID Packaging Markets.
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