US steel and aluminium tariffs take their toll on European metal packaging industry

14 Jun 2018 − 

The trade dispute between the US and EU will impact upon the international and European metal industry and consequently on the suppliers of metal packaging, too.

This assessment is shared by German and American associations. The US government enforced the tariffs on EU steel and aluminium as of 1 June. The same applies to Canadian and Mexican imports. The tariffs comprise 25% for steel and 10% for aluminium imports.

The German, association representing metal trading companies, Verband Deutscher Metallhändler (VDM), believes the tariffs will have “very negative effects” on the German metal industry.

The German association Forum Getränkedose fears the punitive tariffs will encourage third countries to sell volumes originally destined for the US in Europe instead.

Heidi Brock, President & CEO of the US Aluminium Association argues that no country operating as a market economy should be subjected to unnecessary and disruptive tariffs as well as caps on volumes.This procedure contributed little to solving the main challenge of China’s excess capacities, she said.

The US Beer Institute has also criticised the passing of aluminium tariffs by traditional trade partners.


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