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EUWID Packaging Markets is the central source of information for the packaging industry. It is published every fortnight and provides current, comprehensive and concise reports on all important aspects of Europe's packaging markets.

Our market reports are based on EUWID's own research on the market development for the packaging materials paper and board, plastics, tinplate, steel sheet, aluminium, glass and wood - with the main focus being on the German market.
Apart from Germany, our European market reports analyse the packaging markets in Great Britain, France and Poland.

In addition, EUWID Packaging Markets covers German and European packaging legislation as well as developments in other selected areas of the packaging markets.

EUWID conducts regular research on the prices of the most important packaging materials:

  • Packaging Paper Germany, UK, France, Poland
  • Cartonboard Germany, UK, France, Poland
  • Coreboard Germany
  • Recovered paper Germany, UK, France, Poland
  • Label paper Germany
  • Envelope and shipping bag paper Germany
  • Sack kraft paper Germany
  • Commodity Plastics Germany
  • Waste Plastics Germany
  • PET Germany
  • Polyamide Germany
  • Pallets Germany

Our market reports research the developments for the following packaging materials:

  • Plastic packaging Germany
  • Aluminium packaging Germany
  • Tinplate packaging Germany
  • Steel sheet Germany
  • Glass packaging Germany
  • Beverage cans UK
  • Aerosol packaging UK

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Your benefits:

  • All data and prices are based on EUWID´s own, independent research.
  • You keep an overview of the market´s developments and stay informed about competitors´ plans and strategies.
  • An indispensible aid to decision-making at your fingertips.

EUWID Packaging Markets is also available as e-paper, an exact digital replica of the printed edition.