Print edition

EUWID Packaging Markets Issue 2/2020

EUWID reports

  • D: PET market
  • D: waste plastics market
  • D: used disposable PET bottles market
  • I: tug of war over plastic packaging tax comes to an end
  • D: plastic packaging industry not expecting any major losses
  • UK: Green Alliance report shows overly rash substitution of plastic packaging
  • WW: global paper industry facing market concentration
  • D: paper and board market
  • PRC: Chinese companies allowed to import 3m t of RCP

EUWID price watches

  • D: PET prices
  • D: waste plastics prices
  • D: used disposable PET bottles prices
  • D: coreboard prices
  • D: envelope and shipping bag paper prices
  • D: sack kraft paper prices