Print edition

EUWID Packaging Markets Issue 13/2019

EUWID reports

  • D: shortages, long delivery periods and rising prices for glass packaging
  • D: PET market
  • EU: SUP Directive adopted
  • UK: England bans plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds
  • D: used disposable PET bottles market
  • D: paper and board market
  • D: a small number of suppliers and confusion about grass paper
  • EU: antitrust investigation in kraft paper and industrial sacks market concluded
  • D: paper sacks industry enjoys stable business
  • D: wooden pallet market
  • EU: groups call for re-interpretation as to food traces in RCP

EUWID price watches

  • D: PET prices
  • D: used disposable PET bottle prices
  • D: recovered paper monthly changes
  • D: wooden pallet prices

  • D: deliveries of glass packaging increase in 2018