Print edition

EUWID Packaging Markets Issue 23/2017

EUWID reports

  • D: polyamide market
  • D: PET market
  • D: used disposable PET bottles market
  • D: waste plastics market
  • EU: waste plastics exports to China crumble in the first half of 2017
  • UK: ACE to collect paper cups under new deal
  • UK: black plastics forum pledges to find solutions
  • D: paper and board market
  • D: flat wooden pallet market
  • EU: European aerosol production grows slightly
  • KEN: Kenya issues absolute ban on plastic bags

EUWID price watches

  • D: PET prices
  • D: polyamide prices
  • D: used disposable PET bottle prices
  • D: waste plastics prices
  • D: sack kraft paper prices
  • D: paper and board prices
  • D: flat wooden pallets prices