Print edition

EUWID Packaging Markets Issue 12/2018

EUWID reports

  • PL: paper and board market
  • A: growth for corrugated board sector
  • E: corrugated board output
  • D: paper and board market
  • F: paper and board market
  • D: VDBF concerned about paper prices
  • D: core industry increases sales
  • I: higher sales for corrugated box producers
  • EU: Commission targets single-use products
  • WW: South-East Asia impose restrictions
  • D: polyamide market
  • D: used disposable PET bottles market
  • EU: mineral water industry sets targets
  • D: waste plastics market
  • EU: US steel and aluminium tariffs take toll
  • EU: container glass recycling rate at 74%
  • F: higher demand for pallets

EUWID price watches

  • PL: paper and board prices
  • D: paper and board prices
  • F: paper and board prices
  • D: polyamide prices
  • D: used disposable PET bottles prices
  • D: waste plastics prices