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Mixed reactions to outcome of EU Parliament

vote on Single-Use Plastics Directive

(EU) – European recycling and waste management industry associations have welcomed the outcome of the European Parliament’s first-reading vote on the proposed Single-Use Plastics Directive. Critical reactions focusing on the speed... more


Strong support from European Parliament

plenary for Directive on single-use plastics

(EU) – In late October, the European Parliament voted to adopt its first reading position on the Directive on single-use products made of plastic, with 571 votes in favour, 53 against and 34 abstentions. The Parliament also gave its... more

The German waste plastics market: exporting

to the Far East remains challenging

(D) – October was a quiet month for the German waste plastics business, according to market players. Demand for clear LDPE regranulate was a little more sluggish. Recyclers had to lower their sales prices by €10-20 per tonne,... more

EUWID Price Watch Waste Plastics Germany

October 2018


European Commission welcomes EP vote

(EU) – The vote by the European Parliament "sends a clear signal that Europe is ready to take a decisive, coordinated action to curb plastic waste and to lead the international effort in making our oceans and nature... more

Coreboard producers report all-time high deliveries

(EU) – The European Core Board Association (ECBA) reports high demand in the current year, persisting into the fourth quarter to an extent anticipated neither by producers not customers. In view of the high demand, European producers did... more

The German paper and board market: buyers

and sellers enter negotiations about GC II

(D) – Market players active in the German GC board business appear to be engaged in negotiations after producers announced plans to invoice more in the past few weeks. Tangible results are not expected before the middle or end of... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Germany

October 2018


Global market for aerosol packaging to grow

by almost 3 percent per year until 2022

(WW) – Americans have a penchant for air fresheners in aerosol cans, but they prefer their deodorants in stick format. Western Europe is considered a saturated market for aerosol packaging, but growth can still be expected in the... more

The British paper and board market: kraftliner

prices remain stable amidst excellent supply

(UK) – Prices for most recovered paper grades on the British market were typically experiencing only little movement in October a short time before shipments to China were set to cease. Looking ahead to November, insiders forecast... more

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