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The German commodity plastics market:

significant price hikes in July

Plant stoppages and higher prices of upstream products dominating (D) – Significant hikes were pushed through for all standard commodity plastics in July. These came on the heels of plant stoppages and production cuts as well as increased... more


EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board France July 2009

Prices in € per metr. ton free delivered

unless otherwise stated July 2009 June 2009 July 2008 Recovered paper (prices ex works) Mixed paper and board (1.02) 25 - 35 25 - 35... more

The European starch market:

a “deceptive calm” prevails

(EU) - Despite ubiquitous cost pressure, EUWID respondents say the development over the last weeks has been one of stability and calm. Some negotiations for the third quarter were held, but they were “relatively conflict-free”. In most cases... more

The German paper and board market:

no unique picture for cartonboard

Improved market for recycled corrugated case material Packaging paper (D) – Kraftliner: in the course of July, some manufacturers of unbleached kraftliner still had to concede small price reductions of €10-20. These concessions, however, were... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board UK July 2009

Prices in pound per metr. ton free delivered July 2009 June 2009 July 2008

unless otherwise stated £ €* £ £ Recovered paper (prices ex works) Mixed paper and board (1.02)... more

The German glass packaging market:

weakness in the marketplace persists

The cullet situation is only showing minor changes (D) - On completion of the second quarter, the market for glass packaging showed no change compared with the first three months. Demand as well as operating rates across the board only remained... more

Ecoembes again boosts recycling rates in 2008

(E) - The Spanish “Green Dot” organisation Ecoembalajes España, S.A. (Ecoembes) managed 1.329m tonnes of packaging waste in 2008, according to its annual report. This constituted around 67 per cent of the 1.982m tonnes licensed by... more

The British paper and board market:

increase announced for GC board

Wave of price reductions increasingly breaking into the UK market Packaging paper (UK) – Kraftliner: in spite of a general upswing in demand on the market for brown kraftliner in the UK, pressure on prices has remained perceptible in July. It... more

Wrap: 48 percent less plastic bags in UK

(UK) - According to Wrap (Waste & Resources Action Programme), the UK`s leading supermarkets have cut the number of single-use carrier bags by 48%. This is reported to be short of the target of a reduction by 50% until the end of May 2009. This... more

The French paper and board market:

minor boost in demand for kraftliner

Price reductions still commonplace/manufacturers’ hopes on September Packaging paper (F) – Kraftliner: the market for kraftliner in France has joined the numerous segments of the paper industry that have been registering a – for many... more

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