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The German paper and board market:

kraftliner prices continue to recede

Recycled containerboard prices have so far shown no signs of stabilising Kraftliner prices continued to recede in the wake of abundant supply and reduced demand in May. Converters were therefore quite surprised by an announcement of a... more


EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Germany

May 2019


The Polish paper and board market:

cartonboard prices under pressure

Macroeconomic worries combined with the massive surge in prices that occurred in 2018 and sometimes in 2017 have put a damper on demand for various paper grades this year across Europe, and the Polish market is no exception. Yet the... more

EUWID Price Watch Paper and Board Poland

May 2019


EUWID Price Watch Commodity Plastics Germany

May 2019


The German commodity plastics market:

demand still a little reticent in May

Demand for standard commodity plastics eased further in mid-May compared to April. PVC seems to be the exception because demand here is being supported significantly by the robust construction industry. On the whole the mood among... more

The German waste plastics market

Most recyclers say that they experienced normal demand for plastic recyclate in May. However, the momentum they had been hoping for seems to be absent in some segments. Slight price hikes for LDPE and HDPE regrind could only be implemented in... more

EUWID Price Watch Waste Plastics Germany

May 2019


The German tinplate packaging market: good

operating rates in many industry segments

Whereas the summer started early in April last year with an unforeseen impact on individual segments, the second quarter developments in the market for packaging and caps made of tinplate so far largely correspond with expectations.... more

The British paper and board market:

cartonboard prices under pressure

On the British recovered paper market, low demand is still leading to falling prices for old corrugated containers, whereas prices for other grades are more stable. Brown kraftliner and brown recycled containerboard prices decreased... more

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