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The French packaging paper market:
All grades of corrugated case material under pressure

30 Jul 2020 − In France, prices for all types of CCM are feeling the pinch amidst much lower recovered paper prices and average demand at best. » more


The Polish paper and board market:
Demand picks up again in June, albeit slowly

17 Jul 2020 − Recovered paper, recycled containerboard and brown kraftliner all cost less» more

The British packaging paper market:
Corrugated board sector sees demand declining

08 May 2020 − The lack of demand from segments affected by the lockdown, especially industry and the automotive sector, is very noticeable, according to market experts.» more

Austrian corrugated board industry experiences slight downturn

09 Sep 2019 − Output was down by 1.2 per cent compared with the first six months of the previous year.» more