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The British cartonboard market:
Ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit taking its toll

20 Dec 2018 − The macroeconomic trend described by many EUWID sources was borne out by a report published by the British Chamber of Commerce.» more


The British cartonboard market:
First deals featuring higher prices brokered for GC board

23 Nov 2018 − Most market players were still at the negotiating table in the middle of November.» more

The German cartonboard market:
Buyers and sellers enter negotiations about GC II

09 Nov 2018 − Tangible results are not expected before the middle or end of the month» more

The French cartonboard market:
More talks underway for GC board

25 Oct 2018 − In middle to late October some negotiations had already begun and some contracts had apparently already been signed with the new prices. » more