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The German polyamide market:
Further mark-downs in December and January

21 Feb 2019 − Supply of polyamide for packaging applications (PA 6) was described as abundant at the beginning of February.» more


The German polyamide market:
PA 6 prices yield in October and November

29 Nov 2018 − Some producers had issues in securing the required upstream products.» more

The German polyamide market:
Stable prices for PA 6 for packaging applications

17 Sep 2018 − With the exception of minor fluctuations, prices have not changed much since EUWID’s last market research. » more

The German polyamide market:
Brisk demand for polyamide for packaging applications

11 Jun 2018 − Compared to EUWID’s last market report in March, the plastic has either remained constant or yielded a little. » more