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The German aluminium packaging market:
Business is booming across all segments in early 2022

24 Jan 2022 − Tubes, beverage and aerosol cans enjoy well filled order books » more


Polish packaging market growing steadily: industry turnover at about €10bn

20 Dec 2021 − According to Pekao Bank analysts, from 2010 to 2018 the industry recorded around 885 new packaging start-ups » more

The German tinplate packaging market:
Tinplate prices to rise drastically as of January

29 Nov 2021 − There is "no alternative“ for passing on prices as of January 1, according to can and closure manufacturers» more

The German aluminium packaging market:
Industry concerned about raw material costs

28 Oct 2021 − Aerosol cans & tubes pick up / beverage cans continue to shine» more